Goddess style

with a conscious





Welcome Goddesses, Boho Beauties, and Divine Feminine

This store is all about the beautiful Divine expression of the Feminine where you’re not afraid to step fully into who you are as a beautiful Goddess and this line is about the expression of the Goddess and its femininity. 

We are bringing you everything from the casual to what is or could be worn during a sacred ceremony. It’s about inspirations in clothing designs that support feminine awareness.  Each piece will incite in us how to apply ourselves and how we are to honor our instinctive and gentle nature in a way that’s sacred, expanded and in tune with the Universe as we move through the physical world daily.

I am also offering and making available to you a curated and holistic line of nurturing body care which includes herbal remedy infusions, vibration-ally captured essences for use on the body and immediate environment.

Included are special Peacock Goddess Oils and fragrant essences, as well as the exclusive Daughters of Light Brand.  Clear your most revered spaces, by warming your home with wonderful aromas and sprays that assist encourage and reinforce positive and creative energy flow.

My accessory line carries unique and intricately crafted jewelry pieces that not only enhance and accompany all your fashion wear choices but bring healing, alignment and quantum energy to your personal space wherever you go.

Be well Dear Ones,

Dr. Edwige

for more information on Dr. Edwige and her work please visit her website by clicking here.